Testing Tips and Aids

This information should help you studying for your exams. If you find any helpful information on the internet, please email us a link to that information so we can post it here.


Written Test (Technician, General and Extra Classes)

First of all, it is best if you purchase a book that has all the test questions. The best books on the market are the Gordon West books. These books are available here locally or at www.w5yi.org. If you are local in Laredo, you can save on Shipping. Please contact us to get all the books need for all classes of licenses.

How to study? The Gordon West books are setup so that you have all the possible test questions that can be asked on the exam. I have talked with many people and gave them ideas on how to study. They all studied for the test the way I told them, and they all passed. This is the simplest and cheapest way to pass your test. Here is what you do. 1) Get the Book, 2) Get a yellow high lighter, 3) Open book and highlight all the correct answers. At this point, do not read anything yet. This will take you about 10 minutes. After done highlighting, take a rest, get comfortable and get your book. Start reading each question, then the highlighted answer, then the reason why it is that answer. Do not read the wrong answers. Here is the trick, when you take the test, it will be worded the Exact same way as the book. If you read the question several times, you will memorize all the answers. Is this legal? It sure is! Use it to your advantage. The book the divided into several sections. Take each section at a time. If you do not understand anything, go back and read the questions again. When you take your test, you will be AMAZED how much you can remember. Really!

How can I tell if I am ready to take my exam? You can visit www.qrz.com and take their free practice test. If you are getting a passing score at least 4 times in a row, then you are ready, if not, then you may want to brush up on the sections. It will let you know what sections you need to work on. The Gordon West books have the sections listed and they are easy to find.

If you have any questions, ideas on studying or anything else, please let us know. We will be glad to help

When you're ready to take your test

Contact one of our local VE's.

When you Pass Your Test

When you pass your test, the VE's will send in your paperwork. Once it has been processed, your license grant will appear on the FCC's website. You can search for your license here: Search Licenses. You can begin operating with your license class privileges as soon as your license appears on the FCC's website.