Laredo IRLP node


What is the IRLP? IRLP is short for Internet Radio Linking Project. In a nutshell, a repeater enabled with an IRLP node has the capability to link or connect to another node/repeater anywhere around the world. This allows QSOs or contacts to distant locations with out having to use any HF gear. The connections are always clear. You can talk to someone in England on a Handy-Talki and they will sound like they are right next to you.

How does it work? An IRLP node is basically a computer running a special version of Linux and hardware to interface to the repeater/radio. It uses VoIP protocol and GPG 128bit encryption. Users never need to see or use the computer. Actually, once setup, there is nothing that can be done from the computer. All control is done from the Radio. You need to have a fast broadband internet connection like DSL or Cable, firewall, router, and a private IP address. You also need a link radio with PL and you need to know Linux to some degree. If you plan to setup an IRLP node, make sure that you are ready and have spoken to several node owners to get an idea what is in store.

Who can use the system? Any Amateur Operator who holds a current license with a valid call sign.

Do I need to setup an IRLP node in order to use it? No, you can just use your radio to access the repeater and control the node.

What do I need in order to access the system? A Radio with DTMF capabilities.

What is a Node and Reflector? A Node is another repeater or simplex station. Every IRLP node will have a 4 digit code that is public to connect to. Think of it as a phone number of that repeater. All you need to do is dial it up and start your QSOs. When you connect to another node, you will only be able to hear stations that can hear that node, like a person-to-person call. A Reflector is a place where many Nodes can connect to at one time. When one node is transmitting, then all the other connected nodes are receiving your transmission. Think of this like a party line or 3-way call. You have a very good chance to contact someone in a reflector as more stations are listening.

How to I use the IRLP? Easy, just obtain a current list of nodes and reflectors. Choose where you want to connect to. There will be a 4 digit code next to that location, then Key up, Say your Call sign and "Controlling IRLP" then enter the 4 digit code on your DTMF keypad. You need to have a radio that is capable of DTMF codes. Usually, your Mic will have a keypad like a phone. If you see 0-9*#ABCD then you have it. If you are not sure, then contact another operator or us via email. We will be glad to help you out.

Where do I get a list of Nodes and Reflectors? To get more information about IRLP, go to I have made a custom list available to cut out all the extra stuff. The link is listed at the bottom of this page.

Do I need to pay for this service/system? Just remember one thing, "There is nothing free in this world". No, On our repeater we do not charge to use the system. Have fun, that's what it there for. We provide this service/system free of charge, but again, donations of anything always help offset the cost of setting up, running, and maintaining the systems. Setting up an IRLP node is not cheap, takes a lot of time and you need to know a lot about the system and repeaters before you can build your own. If you are interested in donating to the system, please email us.


Updated list of all active nodes

"Yellow Pages" Reflector Status Page

Click HERE to download a PDF of the latest Node list