NWS Skywarn Spotter Program

For more than 60 years, storm spotters have been the Nation’s first line of defense against deadly storms. Working with their local communities and with the local National Weather Service office, spotters provide invaluable assistance and critical information to decision makers when hazardous weather threatens. Countless lives have been saved because of this unique partnership between volunteer storm spotters, emergency management and the National Weather Service.


Even with all the technology used by the National Weather Service to prepare severe weather warnings, storm spotters still give us the most complete picture of what's really happening in and around severe storms. Radar simply cannot tell us everything we need to know. Storm spotters are the eyes and ears in the field.

The NWS in Corpus Christi will provide Skywarn Spotter Training in Laredo.  For more information please visit our Skywarn Page. The training lasts 2 hours.

Online Skywarn training is also available. See links on the NWS Corpus Christi page.


Topics for Skywarn Spotter Training

  • Severe Weather Climatology
  • Basic Weather Definitions
  • How Storms Develop and Why Some Become Severe
  • How to Correctly Identify Cloud Features that may or may not be associated with Severe Weather
  • Spotter Safety
  • Reporting Severe Weather to the NWS
  • Ways to Receive Weather Information before and during a Severe Weather Event